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Wendy Snyder started her radio career in 1985.  Her first paid gig was at an AM/Christian/Ethnic station in Northbrook, Illinois.  She would drive out to a little house on Sanders and Dundee Roads on Sunday mornings, flip the switch on the transmitter and officially sign WEAW-AM on the air.   During the first part of her shift Wendy would play Christian Rock, next she would engineer a Croatian Public Affairs show and she would close out her shift by engineering a Polka Show.  After scouring every edition of the trade publication “Radio and Records” she found an on-air position available in Peoria, Illinois.  Despite driving through a blizzard and rocking through a recorded audition right there on the spot, Snyder did not get the job.  Turns out, that was a good thing, as she got word of a weekend opening at WLUP-FM in Chicago.

In August of 1986, Wendy had an on-air audition on the LOOP/WLUP-FM (at 4am on a Sunday morning) and received a call later that day, saying she was hired.  At the young age of 23,  Snyder started hosting weekend overnights, which turned into weekday overnights, which turned into evenings.  About the time LPs switched to CDs,  Wendy switched from music radio to talk radio.  In 1992, she teamed up with Kevin Matthews on the AM band of WLUP/AM-1000, and did some news, wacky interviews, and basically realized she enjoyed making a fool of herself.  When the legendary Chicago radio team of Steve Dahl and Garry Meier broke up in 1993, she won Garry in the divorce and continued doing news and co-hosting with him for about a year.  In 1994, she went on to host her own show with national artist, Tony Fitzpatrick.  They were much like brother and sister and fought like cats and dogs on the air for about six months, until Tony decided he would rather just draw than be stuck in a studio with Wendy.  Snyder was then passed around like a… well, you know…and started hosting a weekend show with various comedians from Chicago.  Wendy really clicked with one of those funny guys, and the radio team of Wendy Snyder and Bill Leff was born.

In 1994, Wendy and Bill hosted an entertainment/talk/comedy radio show on WLUP-FM for a couple of years.  In 1996, the pair then moved to WKQK-FM and hosted mornings.  They built up quite a following by mixing current news with comedy.  They also tapped into lifestyle topics and had a plethora of celebrities stopping by such as Hugh Grant, Chris Farley, Kevin Smith, George Carlin.   Lots of bands, too.   Michael Hutchence and INXS, Keanu Reeves and Dogstar, John Popper and Blues Traveler.   The duo was together until 1999.

In 2001, Wendy hooked up with Buzz Kilman on WCKG-FM to co-host the Buzz and Wendy Show.  On April 1st, 2002 the pair moved from middays to afternoons and joined the legendary Steve Dahl Show already in progress. Snyder was with Dahl until December 2007.

Snyder is currently part of the Don Wade and Roma Show, mornings on WLS-AM.   She has also started podcasting.   SnydeRemarksRadio was posted on iTunes for the first time on August 24, 2009, almost 23 years to the day that she hit the radio airwaves in Chicago.   Snyder hosts the show with her husband Jimmy “Mac” McInerney.  They talk about everything and anything from their two boys to Wendy’s neurotic everyday life occurrences.  On one episode of SnydeRemarksRadio, Jimmy Mac does a play-by-play of Wendy’s latest bikini wax.   On another, Wendy does her best Robert Plant impersonation on a Led Zeppelin tune.

Snyder was recently reunited with Steve Dahl on one of his DahlCasts.   When describing SnydeRemarksRadio, Dahl says the pairing of Wendy and Jimmy Mac is like “the new George Burns and Gracie Allen, or at least George and Gracie on crack.”

Snyder is married to Jimmy “Mac” McInerney, Production Director at WERV-FM in Naperville, Illinois;  co-host of SnydeRemarksRadio;  and co-host of The ForceCast, the number-one-rated Star Wars podcast in the universe.  Wendy has created another podcast ADHDivas with her friend and former sit-com writer Lisa K. Nelson…… When Wendy and Jimmy Mac are not podcasting, they are having fun with their two boys Michael, 12 and Dylan, 9… and their adopted 5-year-old Australian Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog Mix, Tiki.




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